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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  July 14, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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could have gone either way for a while. i was tweeting away as well and texting my son throughout the whole game. it was good. dierdre: ashley webster, we have to find a new topic next four years. joining us there. melissa francis here. plenty to talk about. "money" starts right now. melissa: so much. dow 17,000 above that and climbing. growing enthusiasm as goldman sachs turns from bear to bull. the phony jobs recovery. that is the topic, five years after the great recession. fewer than half of u.s. adults are working full-time, did you know that? iphone dreams dashed. the production issues that may derail apple's much anticipated new model. angela merkel is excited for someone hit with the world cup curse. she is happy. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: do not be fooled by the positive jobs number last month. while it may look good, a new
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op-ed by boston properties ceo mort zuckerman points out it might not be painting the most accurate picture, surprise, surprise. the number of full-time jobs actually plunged by 523,000 while part-time jobs shot up by roughly 800,000. is this further evidence that we're becoming a part-time nation? how will that impact us going forward? joining me, monica mate at that from and spencer ante, from "wall street journal" and fox business's charlie gasparino is back. did you get thrown out of sun valley? what happened there by the way? before we get to this very important top i can i want to clear the air what happened with mr. gasparino. you got booted out on your tuc-c-s? >> well -- melissa: no? >> i don't think the gentleman in question had, look at that. >> wanted to touch me. here is what happened, that guy at 6'3", 300 pounds, at least --
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melissa: i don't an know. did you weigh him? >> no. i'm not going to pick hill up. basically attack ad fox business producer, a woman who is five two, 100-pound, soaking wet and attacked her, screamed at her. stuck a finger in his face. melissa: that was chivalry we were looking at we see you're screaming. >> we did that inadvertently walked into a private party. melissa: inadvertently? >> listen. i didn't want to be there. i didn't want to be at the whole thing. these security guards, who are new york city cops, literally starting putting their hands on us. i told him you don't put your hands on me, very sort of colorful language. this guy -- melissa: you used colorful language? that is surprising. >> listen this, guy, bullied the woman and, you know, i let him have it. i'll be honest with you, that picture does not do justice. melissa: you got chucked out. >> then he threw me out. i said i will still break stories even though you throw me
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out. melissa: you're going back next year. i saw the tweet. >> no news in sun valley anyway, right? >> who broke news at sun valley? we reported about the possible interests of time warner from silicon valley players, including google which moved the stock. melissa: people go shammos. >> we broke the zuckerberg christie story where christie was there for fund-raising purposes because langone was there this insanity with me. other than that the place wasn't worth going to. let me tell you something, what i want to know about this, one more second. one more second. since you brought it up, i want to know about the cop, security guard, is moonlighting. his name is brian coughlin. he is a cop in the bomb squad. sergeant. i want to know if he stubs his toe in silicon valley and take three days off, do we pay for that? melissa: investigate and let us know tomorrow. meantime -- >> i'm proud of you. melissa: i know. fantastic reporting. mort zuckerman write as story
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that you've been telling about, charlie, we're talking about a long time, this idea that all the part-time jobs replaced all the full-time jobs. monica, what does it mean for the economy? >> the recovery in the market and economy is dislow lated. melissa: unrelated. >> you're seeing quantity of jobs you're not seeing quality of jobs. people getting jobs are in low-paying and restaurants and retail. this is not enough to be breadwinner to support a family. melissa: low-paying jobs account for 44% of all employment growth since employment hit bottom in 2010. what does that mean? >> the sad truth this is new normal. america came out of world war ii had huge advantage in the economy and technology. golden age of capitalism. now the rest of the world is catching up. we have a lot more, china, india, brazil. we have to become more competitive. that is only answer to get better-paying jobs. >> let's not lose sight of what mort is saying.
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mort zuckerman is hardly right-wing conservative. there is problems here. he points to obama care. obama care is one of the driving forces why we have ramp up in part-time work. if you hire more part-time people you don't have to give them health insurance. melissa: right. >> you don't come under the sort of auspice of obamacare. i will say one other thing. america has produced jobs through other presidencies where business wasn't attacked every day. this is a presidency is an open warfare with business. melissa: doesn't this explain why we've seen the jobs number get better in theory, if you only look at the top line but consumers aren't spending? hear from folks at walmart, hear from costco. saying people changed their habits. they don't have any money. >> in fairness to mort he is right. i talked to restaurant owners. obamacare is real. they're definitely cutting back hours so they don't provide health insurance. even mort says own in the op-ed is not only reason. >> there is never any one reason. but the point is this, this is
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administration is at war with business, wants to raise their taxes. wants to attack them with these insane environmental things that they do. not only that, we can have a growth in blue-collar jobs with fracking if they embrace it which they won't. melissa: speaking of attacking businesses shares of citi up big on the day despite the bank paying up to record 7 billion-dollars fine. the investment for reportedly misleading investors and selling modified mortgage securities in run-up to the financial crisis. does citi have this money laying around, 7 billion? >> i'm not sure how it will impact their cash flow position, but in general banks are being fun pushed. -- punished. they deserve to be punished to a certain extent. melissa: ow oh, anyone want to take issue. >> i broken more stories on this. i have no problem punishing them. we're five years after the fact here. >> markets hate uncertainty. this is the biggest question
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mark hanging over citigroup. citigroup made $14 billion in net income last year. they can absorb this hit. but they can look forward. there is still one catch. they are liable for potential criminal liability. melissa: i thought they had 3 billion in a fund. >> take that off the table. there is no way they will be charged criminally. it is impossible. they don't do that following arthur andersen. if you look back at financial crisis the firm among most culpable for doing these crappy mortgages and packaging them and selling them was citigroup. i will say this, it was a bubble. they weren't exactly selling it to your grandmother. selling it to allegedly sophisticated people. melissa: yeah. >> unless you tell me the underlying mortgages they somehow hid the real sort of value of those things, then this is bs. people knew what they were buying. >> not to say they're solely to blame but they completely played a role. melissa: absolutely. he is saying that. home shopping network ceo mindy grossman turned down offer to be
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the struggling retailer's next chief executive. nobody is willing to run the company to try to turn it around. spencer? melissa: anyone here want to do it? >> is -- jcpenney. there are other finalists they're considering. they have a tarnished brand. they have weak store sales. growing competition from the internet. this is nightmare turn around. and, at end of the day, interim ceo mike owen may be best guy to run this company. >> long term? >> for foreseeable near-term future. melissa: what do you think? >> i don't want to know why private equity doesn't come in. is it that much of a you know what show they don't want part of it? you take it private. out of the quarterly financials -- melissa: you have to figure there is something there of value. >> ackman got burned. >> they don't know who their customer is anymore. they're not exactly low end like kmart and walmart. they're not high-end either. at the same time if you find
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replacement for the va faster than jcpenney's. melissa: i think, ackman came in and -- >> values keeps going lower, not private equity, maybe like opportunity here and you look at it, i don't know. >> private equity is activist, right? ackman is activist. >> private equity is not activist. melissa: they're turn around. >> but they come in and make change. >> activisms pushes people into the private equity so the stock goes up. you have to ask why they don't want any part of this? melissa: okay. he is lienly guy looking for love, ladies. think before swiping. edward snowden is newest addition on the dating app tinder. sadly, loanly ed is somehow woo wooing women. he is a big hit on tinder. charlie, familiar with tinder. >> what is timeder? melissa: tinder is a dating dating, dating website. >> isn't it good i don't know? i will say this -- melissa: not really snowden. i was waiting for you guys to pounce in.
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the women think it is real. >> if snowden is in russia and can't meet any blondes, tinder is not -- melissa: i don't even know what to say with that. >> isn't he in russia? melissa: i believe some some of the responses were, what are you doing in russia, from women who are looking him up didn't know who he was. >> do you find where edward snowden is? melissa: fake account. >> he is in hiding for the most part. couldn't find him, if you dated edward snowden you would be on cia target list. >> you could have so much fun creating fake tinder accounts. try for head of isis. melissa: what a great idea. >> interesting global politics. >> create a tinder account for me? >> you would have so much fun with this. melissa: maybe, all right, apple proving size does matter. problems with the wide body iphone 6 looming large for tim cook and a story that does not end happily ever after. our crack team looks at tgi friday's, for endless apps?
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melissa: dow retaking 1,000 and holding firmly in triple digits. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. good day for the bulls down there, nicole. >> right, melissa. record day again. sometimes you don't think you're going to say it anytime soon, there were so many worries about portugal last week, you may remember and traders said, look, nicole, just a blip. momentum is to the upside. in fact they were absolutely right. we're setting new intraday record for the dow and dow jones transportation average, another record there. the dow looks like it might have the 15th record close. we have names reporting earnings over the next 24 hours. we'll keep a keen eye on those, melissa, including goldman sachs, intel, jpmorgan, johnson & johnson and i can't yahoo! worth noting intel is hitting multiyear highs, that we haven't seen in 10 years. melissa: nicole, another american company making moves to es can cape the taxman?
2:15 pm
i like that. which names are you watching? >> something we're hearing over and over again the last several years. we're looking at abbvie. based in north chicago, illinois. they're close to a deal with shire in dublin. with that the new combined company could benefit from being abroad at lower corporate tax rate in the u.k. could be a $53.5 billion deal. melissa: nicole, thank you so much. >> thank you. melissa: apple's stock on the rise, following upgrade from barclays. problem with the iphone 6 could upset the applecart. one analyst claiming that a five 1/2 inch model is facing significant production issues and might be delayed until next year. spencer ante is back and kyle harrington, and diversified financials, dominic tavella. thanks for joining us. what do you make of the rumors of production delay? >> well i mean, this ties into, i think, steve jobs's passing and tim cook is the new ceo. i thought that there would be
2:16 pm
supply chain issues and execution issues, you know with the new ceo. i think that they will work through them. another example what i think is, you know, ceo level executive management. melissa: yeah, spencer, among the problems for the five 1/2 inch iphone six, bottleneck for the in cell touch panel, problems with the scratch resistant front panel and color unevenness from the casing. does this surprise you and do you believe it. >> it surprises me a little bit. melissa: do you believe it? >> hard to know what the truth is but tim cook came in as the supply chain guru. that is what he was know, making trains run smoothly on time, if these reports are true, it speaks to supposedly what he was great at. he hasn't had the trains run on time. this would be first major production slip-up if it came to pass. melissa: dominic, barclays is upgrading the stock saying it seems like tim cook has solidified his strategy. he has won back the confidence
2:17 pm
of shareholders. do you believe that and do you slough off this? >> barclays updates the stock and upgrades it after the stock has gone up 20% year-to-date. what a shock, do it after, not on january 1st. having said that the markets anticipating this new iphone 6 will do phenomenally well. anything that delays, into 2015 will have a significant effect on its earnings. melissa: yeah. >> we have to be careful here. melissa: kyle, who benefits if the delay happens? who would you look at to benefit from that. >> when you look at, these purchases, i think that this apparently what he just highlighted is true. you go to iphone 6, this is supposed to be significantly better than the other but i definitely think that, you know, users will take time to purchase the iphone 6. so it benefits people right now that maybe don't have the fund to purchase these products. melissa: so apple may be in the green. one of the most popular products could be turning your skin red. have you heard about this? an of rashes are linked
2:18 pm
to nickel found in ipads. in other tech devices to be fair. doesn't exactly leave you itching to power up your tablet. spencer, what do you think about this? a lot of people say this is real. they are allergic to their tablet. >> i never heard of this kind ever reports. seems like isolated situation. apple declined to comment on it. when kids use these things for time after time, what do they do to their brains. melissa: report in "pediatrics" more increase in contact dermatitis. they are allergic to the nickel. dominic what do you think. >> i was blaming the cat. we're making new technologies or new materials, batteries for car they have some kind of ecological effect. we don't know 100% what it means. unfortunately it could be really rude. melissa: thanks to all of you. the border crisis is heading north. hundreds of illegal children are being stopped off in states without any warning to local
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officials. how is that possible? wild weather expected across the country today. will it hit your backyard? janice dean the weather machine is coming up. do you ever have too much money or sunshine? ♪
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melissa: the crisis at the border is flooding north. nebraska governor dave heineman says 200 illegal immigrant children were sent into his state without any warning whatsoever. the governor stopped by fox and friend this morning. here is what he had to say. -- "fox & friends." >> we want to know the names of those individuals, -- individuals, who their sponsor is. is their sponsor legal?
2:23 pm
what communities are they sent to? with why are they conducting secret operation essentially and transporting them all over the country and we learn now to nebraska and the federal government won't tell us what is going on? melissa: fox business's tom sullivan joins me on this one. that is pretty ominous. they're just dumping people in the state and not even telling local officials that they're coming in. makes it seem like they're trying to keep something secret. the white house says, you know, they are protect the children. they're protecting their identities. do you buy that? >> i don't. we're getting mixed reports because this congressman, bridenstein from oklahoma, who went to fort sill and they said, mr. congressman, you can't come in and see anything. it's a big secret in there. and yet we've also heard from congressman cuellar who in texas went to a facility and debt get n we're getting photos from someplaces where you see the children. we're putting them up every so often. other places it is a big secret. the problem with this, and ties
2:24 pm
in with the whole comment from the white house, they're the most transparent administration ever, why anytime, just seems like, hello, bureaucrats, get it through your head. anytime somebody starts being evasive with you you will want to dig further. melissa: right. the governor says, governors and mayors have the right to know when the federal government is transporting large groups of individuals. in this case illegal immigrants, into your state. >> right. melissa: it seems logical, especially if you're trying to protect the welfare of something. don't you want to let local officials know these people are here? >> can you imagine if this story did not involve illegal immigrants? the government was transporting minor children someplace and keeping it a secret? this whole business about let's be for the children, humanitarian, that is nice. i think everybody agrees that is important. these are children. at the same time, we, you can't just dump them. this isn't the only place. i think it is going on many more places. the governor of nebraska found out about it, kind of through the back door. melissa: right.
2:25 pm
fox news learned 748 unaccompanied minors were transferred from areas near the border of chicago as well. like all over the place. >> i talked to the mayor of a little town outside of saginaw, michigan. they're getting 140 i think it is. the people are protesting at city hall. i think this story will evolve where we will find these groups being put around different places. melissa: yeah. >> my question for this is, what is going to happen to the kids in chicago, the kid in michigan who are pro central america? i don't mean to be trite about this -- but when winter comes, these kid are totally out of their element. i don't know where they're going to go. that is the question everybody has is, what happens to them? are we supposed to keep them forever? do we let them loose when they're 18 like they're prisoners? what happens to these kids? there are at love questions and no answers. melissa: what do you think the solution is? it is an impossible question. i don't know. >> the solution to break the business model of coyotes.
2:26 pm
the coyotes are doing land office business. if i could pick up $5,000 for every child i'm going to bring across i will make money hand over fist. the only way to break their business, send a couple plane loads back with at love media attention, so the parents know when the coyote says give me your life savings, i will get your child to america, you go i'm not so sure you could do that. i saw them coming back. melissa: interesting. tom, thank you for coming on. the story is not going away. tune into "money" tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we'll have nebraska governor dave heineman on. we want to find out if he heard anything back from the white house. you heard today the questions he was asking. we'll find out tomorrow what happens next. so tune in. >> here one day, gone the next. some of our former favorite brands are falling off the radar. our panel weighs on the next disappearing act. what do you think it is? now that the world cup is over, we have the next most exciting sport to watch, dogs
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are dropping in! you have to hear about this one. the world cup is over. this is what to focus on. "piles of money" coming up. ♪
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melissa: so we have got some wild weather ahead of us but nothing like unfortunate beachgoers in russia experienc experienced. look at that, a tour across the beach as a freak storm came out of nowhere. fortunately probably will not affect us at the states. what can we expect? >> we have is amplified jetstream bringing in cold air from canada and the gulf of alaska.
2:31 pm
so far south in july, that is a little odd. ridge of high pressure bringing warm temperatures west of the rockies. current temperatures very warm, this cold front marching eastward behind it cooler, drier air, 20 to 30 degrees below what we have typically seen for july. these are your daytime highs for tuesday. minneapolis 72. 72 for des moines. some 20 degrees dips from what we typically see in july. there is minneapolis, 64 your daytime high today. some showers and thunderstorms. 70s throughout much of the work week with your average high 84 degrees. open the windows, i think most people will be enjoying the cooler air. on the flipside of this, warmer than average temperatures, way above average for parts of the northwest, some areas don't even
2:32 pm
have air-conditioning heading through the work week with this very warm humid air mass. the heat index over 100 degrees across parts he northwest and the great basin. because we have a cold front, a threat for severe weather. cold air marching into very warm, moist, unstable air. the midwest down toward the tennessee river valley. a lot going on. we have nothing the hailstorm hailstorm in russia, but on alert for watches and warnings be ed melissa: i will be careful. thank you very much. the market in rally mode up in the year-end target for the s&p from 1900 through 2050. let's get a quick check of the market. on the pits of the cme.
2:33 pm
what do you think about that one, do you agree with that? >> i totally agree. i used the measure-move technique. every time the market sells off, you take the old business and add it onto the highs. it has worked until it doesn't, but that is protected rights now, moving from 1985 through 1950, 35-point move predicted 2020, so i think it is very positive for this to continue. i'm not in the earthquake business, not in in the typhoon business, something unpredictable, just take a look at the market continuing to move. that target 40-64 the index, another 4% higher. it is the leader. melissa: is golden an opportunity right now, or stay away? >> i think it has based out making a solid bottom.
2:34 pm
the dollar goes below 80, it will be very good for gold, it will go to $1300 per ounce. look at the gold mining etf is a better way to play it then gold itself. melissa: a few are racing against time. some of your favorite names may only have a year or so left. from harrington capital management with us as well. you think blackberry is one of those names we could see disappear. people have been saying that for a while. they keep hanging in. >> i am surprised they hang around. they were called crackberry because everybody was addicted, now they are fell-through-the-crack-berry. capsamsung has the new iphone 6. they are gone.
2:35 pm
melissa: it is tough to cut the cord, why are they going away? >> the comcast merger will take over, a lot of these telecom companies have decided to buy, not build. especially in an interest rate environment right now very cheap some borrowing costs are down. melissa: you pick directv, it is synonymous with satellite tv. >> the comcast name is too big. they have a solution because i heard the nsa wants all of those satellite dishes on top of people's houses. melissa: you chose shutter fly. i personally have been on shutter fly, i buy a ton of things from them, they are buying brands left and right, why do you think they are going away? >> they are offering basically
2:36 pm
free service for photos. this gets merged into one of those. melissa: we were working from a list we saw online, what about lululemon? >> i think they have great product. i am wearing my yoga pants righñ now. melissa: we couldn't see that, are you really wearing lululemon westmark they look very comfy, they are lovely. >> i have been wearing them ever since my wife found them in my glove compartment. the truth is they have a great cut out, hard-core followers, the ceo has said boneheaded things, i think they will stick around. melissa: you better go home. thanks, guys. germany on top of the world, but
2:37 pm
they better enjoy it while they last. how a world cup first has dogged the winners for decades. are they now at risk? listen to this. at the end of the day it is all about money.
2:38 pm
melissa: i am melissa francis with fox business briefs. closing down this september when
2:39 pm
more than 1000 workers think slips sent to employees earlier today. vitamin the city has lost a third of its casinos in less than nine months. teaming up to offer regular folks a chance to bid on world-class art from their personal devices. they're working on an online platform that would let you view and bid on portables from your mobile or tablet. and tracy morgan suing walmart over the limo crash that left him critically injured. walmart was reckless putting a truck drivers operate on very little sleep. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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melissa: enjoy it while you can because the big world cup win comes at a heavy price. six of the past seven countries to win it all saw their gdp contrast the following year. now i don't feel so bad. back with us as well, this just sour grapes or do you think there is something to this? what do you think? >> it had to do specifically with the economy of the
2:42 pm
countries, so germany is in a pretty good role economically. it is a model for europe. melissa: i'm totally dismissing everything you just said. other countries that have fallen victim, italy, germany, france, angela merkel celebrity looking very happy obviously. look at her. this is minutes before they told her about the curse. an american reached over and told all about it, you're gdp is about to contract. >> brazil spent a lot of money on the world cup, they usually don't get the return on investment they put into it. we made a pretty clever analogy and economy cannot be too dependent on one sector like a soccer team can't be too dependent on one player. the german team did not have a superstar, but they win because they are a better team.
2:43 pm
melissa: do you think this has to do with people watching and then they are excited afterwards, not working today, they say there is a gradual emotional letdown overtime? >> i told you i'm going through world cup withdrawal. melissa: it is emotional. already being affected in cleveland, lebron james returns to create $500 million windfall. moments ago they were talking about the impact it will have on their city. the economic impact could be anywhere from 50-$80 million per year, are you buying that? >> this is the real good story.
2:44 pm
people going to watch the show, the whole economic cycle is huge, this is a big win for cleveland. melissa: cleveland has big problems, poverty rates twice the level, attracting young people. >> i think you can't underestimate it. you look at madison square garden it was really quiet and then carmelo r right, and was rocking, people were sending money. a lot of other alternatives in new york. cleveland doesn't have a lot of big sports franchises. it would have a big multiplier effect. melissa: miami is on the losing end. forbes w they could cost the ciy around 100 million. >> it is real. melissa: miami is having a great time. >> the real psychological effect
2:45 pm
of a positive for this city and this state. melissa: thanks to both of you. liz claman is back ready to see this thing >> what we can expect for the next hour. >> we used to say go brown and take the indians with you. no, i am kidding. i love my cleveland teams. looking at the game that is the stock market. the dow breaking through the intraday high. a rally on our hands, we are thrilled to see this on our first day back. we have sort of the godfather of tech analysis. he has five names to take you througtoany correction. he really should have in your portfolio. none of them, of course what the
2:46 pm
real wolf of wall street jordan belford, he used to trade in pink sheets. he is now on a speaking tour and he is on "countdown." my interview with jordan belfo belford. has h you really pay back all te money? will he though? can is the best night? the last interview he did he kind of stormed off the set, siu will see what happens here. melissa: thank you so much, can't wait to see it. man's best friend makes serious waves in the west coast. more than 50 dogs near san diego attracting hundreds of cheering spectators. $250 gift card with doggie treats and squeaky toys.
2:47 pm
>> that is definitely up there. it is a charity event so what is not to like? let's go further with it. >> some designer planning the next swim trunks for dogs. melissa: i love that. thank you, i love it. helping pay in-state tuition, it is completely legal. you can never have too much money. ♪
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when the world moves, futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with paper money to test-drive the market. all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade.
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melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making money today. linkedin, shares climbing after acquiring accompanist scours the web for articles regarding our r most important contacts. investors pretty excited about that. when can stock up more than 2. 2.5%. starting a week on a good note, he had brought 15 million shares any he made more than $63 million since this morning. definitely worth getting out of bed for. and making a cool seven figures, babe ruth signed with the boston red sox and they take him $5000 but the contract itself just sold at auction for more than a million dollars. the highest price ever paid for sports contract beating the $995,000 paid for another contract with the new york yankees a year later.
2:52 pm
bill cosby returning to the big screen for a family comedy that could air as soon as next summer. it was originally hit around 30 years ago. with higher education costs continue to rise, the key to avoiding a mountain of student loan debt could be all about location. the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition can reach as much as $100,000 over four years but moving residence can be tricky unless you have a little help. jake, grew up in california where it was much cheaper to go to the uc system if you live in state. people tried to pretend they live in california to get cheap tuition. you are helping them do that, is that legal? >> we don't work just in california, we have clients and 37 states across the country, 140.
2:53 pm
melissa: is it legal? it sounds occur helping them pretend to live in a state we don't live in. >> it is completely 100% legal, if they have the intent, he can be a client with us. melissa: people say i'm going to college in the city or in the state for four years, so of course i am becoming resident so everybody would qualify. it is more complicated than th that. >> it could be nice if all you had to do was sign a piece of paper and get your picture taken. everybody wants in-state tuition, but to demonstrate that you have to do that with objective measures and subjective measures. melissa: give me an example. >> you sever ties with a former state and create of those ties in the current state. living there over the summer, get a drivers license, those
2:54 pm
show the intent. melissa: you have to do it before you leave for college because he would have had to apply by then. do people have to physically move and is that realistic if you are still in high school? >> no, it is not. usually takes a little over a year once you begin a process so nobody is moving to colorado getting in-state tuition immediately. it is a year process to demonstrate persuasively and compellingly youin-state tuitio. melissa: it sounds like what you're helping them do is this a genuine. >> we are very selective of who we take on as a client and we're are only looking for those who in our opinion do deserve in-state tuition. we believe somebody who makes active steps to become a resident of a state and stay there long term is a great move, it is a lifetime tech fair the state has. melissa: have you gotten any
2:55 pm
pushback from those who think it is not fair to local taxpayers supporting these folks, have you gotten any pushback? >> that is an argument you can make. a lot of people we talked to are just excited about the prospect. melissa: so no pushback? >> i am not in trouble, i am not going to jail. some representatives don't care at all, some are supportive and love the idea, some people don't like it. melissa: interesting stuff, we will check it out. thank you so much. we told you about how tgi friday sounded a little too good to be true. guess what, we were right on the money. our very own chain restaurant crack team went out to do a little late night investigating and what they found was disappointing. all i can say is the loaded potato skins are dead to me. at the end of the day, it is all
2:56 pm
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>> it was the story that made us fall in love with the tgi friday all over again. all-you-can-eat appetizers for $10 if you can find them. the to hunt for endless bounty heating up several fried's location and along the way did they find it cracks no. on the corporate owned restaurants need to honor promotions. over have about fridays are owned by franchises. so we are staying bright way from this risky offering. it is not gay back to us for. are you horrified? >> i grew up in the
3:00 pm
franchise business and i understand it. the problem is consumers don't know the difference. they don't know to franchises. >> dominic, what you think? >> i'm hungry. what are you trying to say? i eat too much? i'm too fat? melissa: i still love fridays. i hope you're making money today. countdown starts now. liz: as the markets zoom around is it earnings ease or anxiety. 10% of the s&p 500 reporting this week will trigger a turning point? plus, $7 billion to the federal government finally settling charges . during is the mortgage monkey mess finally up citigroup's back? what do billion or more in tim armstrong and chad hurley all have in common?


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